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What is it?

The Diorama of Doom 2007 is an ancient contest of skill, extending back through the decades to 2006, run by the owners of the four companies that operate on the Forum of Doom, these being Heresy, Hasslefree, Black Scorpion and Spyglass Miniatures.  The aim of the contest is to thoroughly test the abilities of the entrants not only in their painting skills, but in their ability to tell a story within a painted miniatures scene, using figures only from the above companies as the main focus of that story. Such a scene is called a Diorama. Thus, the main categories in the DOD 07 contest focus on Dioramas. However, in view of the fact that it is really quite hard (but not nearly impossible, it just takes talent) to successfully pull off a diorama that involves miniatures from more than two of the Quartet of Doom, we are also offering people the chance to win minor prizes in some categories of lesser renown and glory.

The Rules

Level Playing Field
All entries must be hitherto unseen on the internet, and should be started from scratch for the contest. We require a picture of your initial starting models alongside a piece of paper or similar showing the date you started, emailed on the same or next day.
When you email, DO NOT SEND MASSIVE PICTURES OF YOUR BEDROOM OR LOUNGE with TINY DOTS WHERE THE MINIATURES ARE Tantrum. Although the contest is not necessarily one of photographic skill, if we can’t make out your entry, you aren’t going to win . If your photograph is out of focus, how do you expect us to see what’s going on? Be sensible. You will need to photo your figures before assembly, and immediately prior to undercoating/painting, as if you win we’d like to be able to show people the extent of any conversions etc. Everyone loves to see those before and after shots! (You don't need to email these to use unless you win or want to show off your Work In Progress on the FOD.
File Size less than 300kb
Do NOT send pictures with massive file sizes either. We don’t want or need to receive files bigger than 300kb. There are plenty of photoshop-style art programs and photo-editing softwares, many basic ones for free, that you should be able to crop your photo to just the miniature and maybe even compress it (eg using an ‘Export JPEG’ command in Paint Shop Pro, and setting the compression to a value of 20, can reduce your file size from 1mb to around 50kb). As a guide, your photo shouldn’t take up more than about a quarter of your own monitor screen when viewed at 100% size. If properly comrpessed, it really shouldn't be more than 200kb.That’s plenty big. If we need bigger, we’ll ask you to send us them. If your entry is the size of your room, email us about it before sending lots of pics. Make sure that any compressed pics are copies of your original photo so that you still have a really high quality one to use also.

Example of a bad picture
Example of a bad picture
Example of a bad picture
Example of a good picture

The Categories of Doom

1)The Minor Leagues.
Each of the QOD will choose their favourite entry and award a small prize such as free figures and a pat on the virtual back.

  • Single figure (any type such as monster etc), unconverted, (multi-part ones don’t count as converted if you use the original options) from one of the QOD presented on a scenic base.
  • Amalgamation of Doom A single figure, any size, that uses parts from at least 3 of the four FOD companies. The winning figure will be almost impossible to spot as a conversion except to the trained eye. It will look like a proper figure. Head swaps alone won’t cut it – you’ll need to be really cunning with this one.
  • Diorama of Sycophancy This diorama features multiple miniatures from one company only. You get a small prize as per single figure and everyone secretly thinks you’re a bumkisser. Show some spine and enter the major leagues, O kisser of bums! 

2)The Major Leagues.

The Diorama of Doom
A diorama is a scene that captures a moment in time like a photograph and tells a story to the viewer without any words.You need to present a clear theme so that anyone can look at your work and immediately tell what’s happening or has just happened, or is about to happen next. Think of it as a moment frozen in time or one of the best damn 'splash pages' you’ve ever seen in a comic book. (You know, when the big villain of the piece is revealed or the thought-dead hero is silhouetted in a doorway ready to face off against his foes)

The Diorama of Doom uses figures from at least two of the four FOD companies to tell a story of some sort.  In the event that we, the QOD judges, can’t decide between two favourite entries of equal skill, the entry that uses the most different companies’ figures, in clever and appropriate ways, will have the advantage; so the more the merrier, but two is the absolute minimum: why not test your mad skillz to the limit by using at least three but preferably all four companies figures. Since Spyglass figs aren’t easily available, apart from  the few that Heresy still sells (the land of zO figs, a few demonic wretches left), this is the trickiest of all the categories and therefore the one that gets the best prize. There will be prizes for the winner and three runners up. Each of the four QOD companies will choose their favourite entry and then decide between themselves (using a crazy complicated points system) the order of merit to give a Grand Winner. The prizes will be:

•   1st place £150 of credit to spend equally at Heresy, Hasslefree and Black Scorpion on miniatures (£50 each), plus a very special secret prize from Steve at Spyglass, which will be revealed after the competition has closed. Alternately, you can have your credit as a paypal payment instead, at half, so £75 “cash” or £150 credit.
•   2nd place £99 credit/£48 paypal at Heresy, Hasslefree, Black Scorpion, (£33 each company) plus mystery bonus from Spyglass
•   3rd place £48 credit/£24 paypal at HM, HF, BS. Plus bonus Spyglass Prize
•   Close, but no cigar. £30 credit, between HM, HF, BS. Plus A Bonus Spyglass Prize

IN addition, you will receive an additional £5.00 credit from each of the QOD if you get three companies on there, and £10 extra credit for all four! You'll also get some bonus points during the judging, as we'll be favouring people who've used more companies, in a clever way. Not to say that a really strong two-ser won't win, but squeezing in an extra fig somewhere would do it no harm...

Closing date for all entries is the 31st Of october 2007. Judges decisions are final and no amount of confectionery or alcohol will change that. You need to bribe us long before we make a decision.

•   Can I enter a model I’ve already painted?
No. Start a new one. We need to see the blank model first so everyone has the same amount of time to produce their end results. And yes, you could cheat by buying a new model of one you’ve already painted, photographing that one and entering the finished one, blah, blah. You sicken us. and just to reiterate, you cannot enter models already posted on the internet prior to this contest.
•   Can I convert the models on the diorama?
Yup. Do a good job, though, some of the talent on the FOD is crazy-good.
•   Can I enter models from (company X, eg GW)?
No, you idiot. What part of the rules above gave that idea? You can sneak a few bits on as scenery or detail eg some barrels, crates or similar, but this is a FOD contest. The main focus of the piece must be FOD related minis.
•    How big can I make my entry?
However big you like, but you only have three months to finish it! Bear in mind that getting good photos of huge dioramas is difficult without a really good camera, and it’s primarily the relationship between the figures that we’re interested in, not how well you can build a fortress.
•   I don’t own a camera...
Well, you’re screwed then. Do you have a pal with a camera?
•   Taking a good picture, hints and tips, setup advice
•   Who do I email my entries to?
Email them to myself- Andy- (Big Boris) Kev/Sally (Hasslefriesian/Libertee) or Adam (Mirlo) using the usual email addresses you find on our sites or by clicking the 'email user' icons on the FOD under our usernames on any posts we have made. Remember to keep the pictures small and under 300kb or we'll delete them. You can also post WIPs on the FOD, in the Colouring-In Room.

Last year's winners
...are on here somewhere, but I can't seem to find the thread with all of them in. Try doing a search for 'diorama-of-doom'

To ask questions, use this other thread: